a fast, easy to use, easy to install, Free FAQ engine for your website. Using a single MySQL table, FreeFAQ does more than just Free FAQ's!
Current Version: 1.0f
last update:
November 24, 2006
Security Vulnerability Patched
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    How do I install FreeFAQ?    
    Can I choose what the MySQL table name will be?    
    Do I need to edit any files before uploading?    
    What is the name of the MySQL table that FreeFAQ installs?    
    Why do I need to CHMOD the program folder to 777?    
    I downloaded and followed instructions. I filled out all the fields and chmod the directory to 777 but when I click submit it keeps coming back to the same screen.    
    How do I remove FreeFAQ?    
    If the version has changed, how do I upgrade?    
    I have installed the script and got past the MySQL and Information Request section, but I get an error: failed to open stream... what is this?    
    Can FreeFAQ install and run on a Macintosh?    
    Im having problems installing the script... I get an error saying Connection Failed.    
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