a fast, easy to use, easy to install, Free FAQ engine for your website. Using a single MySQL table, FreeFAQ does more than just Free FAQ's!
Current Version: 1.0f
last update:
November 24, 2006
Security Vulnerability Patched
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    How can I edit the way the actual FAQ result looks?    
    I dont want a popup for my FAQ. Can I remove it?    
    Can I edit index.php to do... (what I want)?    
    How can I include my own header and footer?    
    Can I change the html for the Category and FAQ lists?    
    How can I allow visitors to ask a question?    
    Can I edit the and files?    
    Can I make odd/even colors for the FAQ and category lists?    
    Can I use special characters, like &, /, @, $, etc, in the category titles?    
    why arent links or images working when I add or edit them to the .inc files?    
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